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We established our estate winery, Volare, as landowners who love wine. As a family who loves living in the heart of wine country and with my husband who loves to farm and fly, we envisioned a vineyard on our land. Our whole family has realized this dream!

Our friends from Privé Vineyard mentored and guided us in the process of winemaking. Through their art of winemaking our vision expanded; we realized how fun life can be in the middle of harvesting, bottling or eating pizza and drinking wine on the back deck.

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Volare Vineyard

Volare was established in 2006 when we planted 2 1/2 acres of Pommard clone Pinot Noir in our rocky jory soil.

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Volare Wine

Currently we have 8 barrels aging in two different oak barrels. Looking forward to bottling another great vintage this fall!

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Volare Vineyard Street View!

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